Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New video of Lanka war crimes

Another war video has Lankan army in dock - A new video sent be aviewer to Headlines Today shows Lankan soldier stripping LTTE femalecadres and dragging them out of their hide outs Another video alleging atrocities by Sri Lankan forces during itsfinalbattle with the LTTE has surfaced. The video shows gunmen in fatigues dragging naked bodies of women LTTEcadres callously. The soldiers are seen going on a search missionafter anoperation to flush out LTTE cadres. The women have been stripped andtheirbodies are being dragged out of hideouts. The video was sent to *Headlines Today* and there is no independentverification of its authenticity. The Sri Lankan army has trashed the video with its spokespersondenying anyatrocities by the soldiers. Earlier too, a video of Lankan soldiers killing surrendered LTTEcadres hadcreated a stir. While an international panel had declared the video asgenuine, the Lankan government had said that the footage wasdoctored.


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