Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sri Lankan Army:Rape and Murder of Sarathambaal-File closed!

By: V.Thangavelu, President - WTCWA It comes as no surprise and everything is true to form to learn from newspaper reports that the Human Rights Commission which investigated the rape and murder of Sarathambaal Saravanabhavanantha Kurukkal has decided to close the file for lack of evidence. Likewise the CID too has thrown in the towel saying there are no suspects. Apparently to both the HRC and the CID it looks though Sarathambaal was never raped and murdered, but she simply committed suicide! Contrary to what the HRC and CID say, local residents claim that the naval ratings who raped Sarathambaal have all been transferred from the island to prevent identification, interrogation and arrest. This is a familiar and thinly disguised ploy unashamedly used by the top brasses of the armed forces to shelter perpetrators of crimes from the long arm of the law.


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