Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Sunday, April 4, 2010

“Yes, we are Sinhala. The country is also Sinhala. So listen you Demala (Tamil)”

The President during his speech at the Jaffna rally on the 1st had shouted at the Tamil people saying, “Yes, we are Sinhala. The country is also Sinhala. Therefore, you Demala (Tamils) listen to me. If you cannot listen without trying to be too smart, then leave.” The President had made this statement while making his speech in Tamil with the help of the tele-prompter during the UPFA rally at the Duraiappa Stadium. The people who had not understood his speech had started to shout in anger while the President had shouted back in this manner. When the Tamil people unable to comprehend what the President was trying to say in his speech had started to shout, and an angry President had said, “I will not stop. Since you shouted, I will speak more in Tamil.” One of Minister Douglas Devananda’s officials had then taken the microphone from the President and had started to calm the crowd.


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