Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Tamil Red Cross workers abducted, killed(03 June 2007)

Two Tamil workers of Sri Lanka Red Cross from the east, Sinnarajah Shanmuganathan, 38, and Karthigesu Chandramohan, 28, who had come to Colombo for a training program in Tsunami work were abducted by men claiming to be Sri Lanka Police, Friday, and their bodies were found Sunday in Kiriella, Ratnapura, 95 km southeast of Colombo, sources in Colombo said. Shanmuganathan joined the Red Cross in 1997,and Chandramohan has been working with Red Cross from 1999,The killings have taken place while the investigations on the murders of 17 aid-workers from French NGO, Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger, ACF) on 5 August 2006, allegedly by Sri Lanka's security forces, have stalled in Sri Lanka's judicial process.


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