Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Posted by fight4tamils on March 7, 2012 ยท

Last days of Sri Lankan genocide of Tamils , Sri Lankan military became bunch of animals and staged an ugliest crime against humanity. The president Mahinda and his brother defence Secretary Gottabaya have instructed the military to show all their cruelity on the female Tamil Tiger cadres and Tamil girls. Military staged the horror which could be seen on these pictures and still the United Nations and ICC do not act on the criminals of Sri Lanka. It is shame that the major military commander Shavendra De Silva , who staged this crime is a Sri Lankan envoy to UN and UN secretary Ban Ki Moon keeping him in UN even after knowing the truth.

Do you want to fight for the justice for these women and men? Please send this page to your local MP or any organisations and tell them to support the call for war crimes inquiry.


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