Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Friday, January 3, 2014

8 years on and still no justice for ‘Trinco 5’

Today marks the 8 years since the murder of five Tamil students, committed by Sri Lanka's Special Task Force, whilst they spent an afternoon on the beach in Trincomalee. 

Photograph: TamilNet
The five slain students, who were all 21-years-old when killed, are:
Manoharan Ragihar (22.09.1985)

Yogarajah Hemachchandra(04.03.1985)

Logitharajah Rohan (07.04.1985)

Thangathurai Sivanantha (06.04.1985)

Shanmugarajah Gajendran(16.09.1985)
To this day, no-one has been brought to justice for the murders.
Earlier this year 12 people, including an Assistant Superintendent of Police, were remandedover the killings. To date, none have been brought to trial. Instead, 2013 saw Kapila Jayasekara, who reportedly spearheaded the executions, promoted to DIG in the Amparai district.

See a report by Tamils Against Genocide (TAG) into the murders, which indicates Jayasekara was present during the incident, with 6-7 armed masked soldiers, here.


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