Genocide the Tamil people in Srilanka

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sinhala Rulers waste Trillions Tricking the UN Trounce Rights of Eelam Tamils

By: Dr C P Thiagarajah
The news of a 3rd resolution by US and allies on Sri-Lanka in the UNHRC had been floating around for a long time. Movement of UN, US, and UNHRC staff in out of Sri-Lanka had been very frequent recently. The Sinhalese who carried out an alleged war crime and genocide in May 2009 in the last war against the indigenous Tamil population in their Traditional Homeland (TH) of North and East of Sari-Lanka are on pins as to what will happen to their Sinhala hero.
From the time the valiant UK Prime Minister, Right Honourable David Cameron called for a credible International Inquiry (II) into the war crimes in the CHOGM, the Sinhalese are united as a bunch irrespective of their religious and party differences to protect the Sinhala war criminals involved in the dastardly crime. Even Sinhala NGOs and the clergy both Christian and Buddhists are against an II into the alleged crimes and genocide. Their morale had gone to the wind. Consequently Sinhala Lankan Rulers had been allowed to waste trillions tricking the UN trounce the basic democratic human Rights of Tamils after the war of genocide.


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